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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

May is Foster Care Awareness Month.  I was not aware until the sweet Sophie at Accepted posted this link to Jess's blog.  Sophie was inspired to write daily.  Jess posted a challenge to share your journey.  I'm jumping on board too.  The reason I write this blog is to help others and share our struggles and triumphs.

I care deeply that the purpose and needs of foster care and foster children are discussed.  I love the idea of dispelling the long held ideas that foster children are bad and that foster parents are only in it for the money. The system is majorly broken and the more people who are aware the more people who can fight to get it fixed. A month of awareness is not enough but I'll take it.

I'm also going to take the challenge of writing something daily.  And although I was super excited I've gained two additional followers this week and received email questions from readers, I am mainly going to write for me.  At least initially.  I need to connect with the positives as right now the negatives are really hard to ignore.  I write very honestly about our struggles and its easy to get stuck and focus on those because they contribute the major stress I'm feeling right now.

Tonight I will share some things my foster children have said/done recently that I see as positives.

 - Gabby told the CASA worker she wanted to study college.  She did not know what college was prior to living with me.
 - Gabby told her therapist tonight that "some things SHOULD be about me".  When I first met her she could not form a declarative sentence.
 - Jelly Bean told her therapist that a time she recently felt loved was during a tantrum when I was holding her telling her she was safe and loved.
 - Mr. Mohawk teased me and made the whole family laugh at dinner last night.  When he moved in I needed Jelly Bean to interpret I couldn't understand a word the kid said.
 - Little Mama pulled her hardest subject up to a B last quarter.  The child who had a ton of missing assignments actually learned how to study.  Even though she is behind in comprehension she is still keeping up with her peers.

Readers please help me with this challenge.  Please show some love and follow me so I know I have an audience. Please send comments or emails with topics or questions.  Tell me what would help you understand or be able to say yes to foster parenting.


  1. Lots of great progress! I'll have to remember to journal updates like this. I imagine looking back on the positives through out the tough days.

  2. Thanks so much for joining us! Thanks for sharing your journey. I am excited to read it and add you to my reading list!