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A Tribute to the Hard

I spent December 30th making a sweet two year old birthday shirt for a special kiddo with another Foster Mama.  This Mama is fierce and crunchy in all the best ways.

I need to share about Crunchy Mama and her children because their story matters so very much.

We met at a support group meeting where she was holding her first foster child, JB.  A very medically complex baby with a G-Tube  who relied on machines and nursing care to survive.  I was seated next to her, her partner and this chubby bundle, with bright eyes, just in awe of how a machine would click and he would fuss and she would adjust and then he'd seem to settle in better. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't quite sure how she could possible know what to do, nor could I understand why she had chosen, on purpose, to take on such a hard placement the first go round.  In those first moments next to her, I had decided that this woman was a far better human than I could ever be. Either that, or she was too new to fosterin…