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When I was researching becoming a foster parent and then (years) later researching open adoption I came across all kinds of advice about contact with birth parents.  That's the beauty of the internet, right? You can put in search terms and get exactly what you are looking for. Like most things, I found a spectrum of advice:

Openness is bad, birth parents are dangerous and they will hurt your family. Change their names and social security numbers.We do pictures and a private Facebook page.Our kids' birth parents come over for holidays. Its good for the kids to see us together.
Here is the thing, no one has the answer for your family.  You have to figure that out.  The other information out there can be helpful but in the end you aren't going to find your answer through your internet search.

Today I realized just how far I had come in my understanding of what an open adoption and co-parenting foster parent relationship means, for us. It was right after I emailed a picture of…