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No News

I haven't heard anything from the Caseworker (if she's going to be around for another year we must give her a blog name). She did tell me Monday she had another potential lead in a Spanish speaking foster family so that would trump us as the placement. So I guess we just wait. Meanwhile, I'm painting over the walls Mr. Mohawk ruined. Makes me a little sad.

The Scoop

So Tuesday, our Licensing worker reached out via email. Let me know they were looking for a pre-adoptive home for a sibling group of four. It's their 3rd involvement with DCFS:
Bio Mom lost custody of 2 kids to Grandma in another state. The oldest 2 were in foster care in Illinois for a year and returned home. Intact Family Services were put in place a period of time later, risky behavior going on so kids were removed and all 4 taken into foster care. In April they were placed with Godparents. They had their own child and were young so 5 kids under 8 didn't work out. The youngest two went to one foster home. The oldest two went to another and were removed from there while the foster family was being investigated.
Now it's time for the Adjudication Hearing (legal term for proving the kids need to be in care) and the state is seriously considering concurrent planning of adoption and is therefore looking for a home that would adopt all four together if given the option. They…

So I called daycare...

Me: Hi Miss S, it's Foster Mom R!Miss S: Hi!! How ARE you? Have you heard from the Fab Four? R: Yep. They are doing really good. Saw them earlier this month. Excited for them. So listen, we were approached about a potential placement. S: You were? Oh how exciting. R: Yeah. So I was calling to see if you'd have room? S: What are their ages? R: 4,5,6, and 8 S: Four!?! You guys are amazingly crazy! God Bless you. So glad there are people like you but you are crazy! R: Yeah... I wouldn't know what to do with only two kids. I tried to order a pizza for an emergency placement and I totally got it wrong. S: Well anything for you guys. Even if we didn't have the room we'd figure something out.
A potential Pre-adoptive legal risk placement. Three girls and a boy.

Maria Found A Job

If I'm being totally honest, there was a point when I rooted against that in hopes that I would become a permanent mother. But when Maria called and asked if any of our babysitters would be interested in watching the kids when her new job started, I couldn't have been more excited.

I was thrilled! Good for her! 
I hope the child care comes through. That's been my prayer. In fact, I had a bigger reaction to her getting a new job than my own. 
I'm so glad I am having this version of the return home goal. Makes me see why it's a good goal to star with. (Someone remind of this if later I'm having the opposite feelings!)


Wow! I came here to work on my post about our co-parenting weekend and realized I've had over 25,000 page views! I can't believe it. I remember when I was creeping up towards 100 and I was excited.
And people are still reading even though I'm not actively parenting kids! I set out to document our journey, and we are definitely still on it, but I'm so excited I still have readers! I would say this, I would have liked to have read more about the in-between time that people experienced. Hopefully, I'm writing about what you want to know. If not speak up! 
And thank you for giving me an outlet. I appreciate all of the comments and feedback.
Love my Blog friends!

Literally the High Sign

For weeks I've been asking my Grandma to come to me in my dreams. I miss her terribly. And last night, the day I gave my notice at work, she did.
I dreamed I was describing a dream with her in it. But very clearly I could see her face and I reached out and touched her cheek, which felt soft. The entire time she was smiling. We were going from house to house and I can only take that to mean she's helping us find the right house to move to.
It was incredible. The last time she came to my dream was the night before the verdict was read in the Jelly Bean trial. I so appreciate the acknowledgment from above, the High sign, if you will.

Clean Sweep

Boy when we make changes- we really make changes. This week I was offered and accepted a job with a new company. Funny thing is is I started my current job two weeks after all 4 kids were living with us. Now I'm leaving 4 month after they left us. 
It's a great opportunity and I'm excited to start something new. But I'm going to look back a year and not recognize any part of my life. Hubby had a new job. No kids. Possibly a new house.
Maybe we just don't do subtle...

So Sad

The girls did get picked up this morning as promised. I don't think they found a placement for them because at 4:15 pm I got a call from someone asking me if I would be interested in taking an 8 & 6 year old. She didn't know I was the one who kept them over the weekend. When I explained they had left my house this morning she said, "Are you sure you don't want to keep them?" 
Yes, I am sure.

As sweet as they were the case was not likely going to end in adoption and that's what I am looking for. Also we are working on moving.
Truthfully, I wasn't sad to see them go this morning. I was sad for them; the path ahead of them is a tough one. But I wasn't sad as in worried and feeling connected. I couldn't picture them as "my kids". And that was good for me to experience. I could see us doing an emergency placement again or weekend respite. 
I tried to really focus in on giving them a safe place during such a confusing time. I explained that th…


How exhausting it is. These poor girls fell apart at bedtime. 5 trips back to bed after story time. They finally are both sleeping. They miss their Mom. It was a good experience but not sure we are ready. 
God love the dog though. He went in and slept on the end of the bed just like he used to. The fluffy protector.

A Child's Perspective

This is a picture one of the girls drew for me. It's a picture of our house, Hubby is in the purple (apparently in an entire show box of markets not one blue one). 
It's good to know our house comes across with so much love.


So the girls arrived at 2:15 AM. They were wide awake at 3 AM. Finally settled and then slept until about 9:30. I woke up to find the youngest up, dressed, bed made, shoes on. She was ready to go.
The older one (who the abuse happened to) was still sleeping. She slept until about 10 and then had a bloody nose. Poor thing.
I can tell they are smart but the oldest is doing a lot of baby talk. A dramatic difference from Jelly Bean and Mr. Mohawk. They were bouncing off the walls, these girls are calm and well behaved.
Hubby who several times said to me before they arrive- this is temporary, was the first to comment on how adorable they were. He got them set up with Mary Poppins and made us popcorn.
I love that man.

She called me back too...

Just as I was calling game over and heading to bed DCFS called me back. Headed my way are an 8&6 year old pair of sisters removed because one was diagnosed with an STD. I was clear. Caseworker needs to be at my door 8am Monday as I have an appointment I can't reschedule.
We'll see how this goes.


Ok. From now on the Fab Four's Mom shall be known as Maria. 
Maria did eventually answer the phone. And it worked out because she ended up having a dental emergency and so we took the kids while she went to the dentist. 
Part of me was just hoping she would cancel because I was pretty tired. (We ended up at a karaoke bar last night and got home pretty late.) Seeing the kids has been emotionally draining and I wasn't sure I was ready to deal with my own issues today.
They still seem to be doing good although they seemed a little dull. Like their spark was kind of gone. I know bedtime isn't always consistent but it seemed like they were tired and almost depressed. Maybe it's hard on them to see us too. Although, there were no I miss you tears or goodbye tears. I barely got a hello hug.
Jelly Bean did tell me when I finally got ahold of Maria (her phone was charging and the ringer was off) that she had to sit out 30 minutes of playtime. She said "I'm really disappoin…

More Calls

Our licensing worker came for our 6 month visit yesterday. She hinted ever so slightly about how much she'd like to fill our home. No joke within 10 minutes I got a call from a an investigator about an emergency placement of a 14 year old girl. I felt bad that I had to say no. She must have been having a rough day because she thanked me for at least answering the phone. Then I got a call at the baseball game we went to. Those calls always make me nervous. A few beers in and I'm afraid I sound like an irresponsible parent. Plus I said no to a child in need because I'm at a baseball game.

I can't save them all though. And I need to remember that. I also have to remember that we have a plan to improve our situation so that we can dig in and help the next group of kids who will live with us.

We see the Fab Four today. We have plans to go to a bounce house place but I haven't confirmed the time with Mom. LM's phone is shut off. And so far my Facebook message has go…

I Blinked

And 10 years went past. This week marks ten years that my husband and I have lived in our house. Well, ten years ago it was his house and I was moving into it against my parents' wishes, but we've both lived here since day one.
We spent that night on the futon in our loft while a thunderstorm raged. I had no idea that time would go by so fast. That was:
1 Dog 2 Air Conditioners 3 College Degrees 4 Foster Kids 5 Cars 6 Jobs 7 Anniversaries 8 Trips to Disney World* 9 Arrangements of Furniture in our living room. 10 Wine Parties
*8th trip schedule for October
If you had told my 21 year old self that ten years from then I would still be living here, I'm sure she would have laughed at you. Full of dreams and ambition I'm sure she would have said, "that isn't the plan". 
It's funny how time can change dreams and ambition can become different. 
We've talked a lot about selling this house lately. We had only "planned" to live here 5 years. Sure that some e…