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Mom Will It Take This Long To Adopt Solana?

That was the question Stella posed to me tonight. It broke my heart to have to remind her the goal is return home.
I reiterated we are keeping Solana safe, for as long as she needs. 
"But you would adopt her right?"
Yes, of course. That's what we hope because she is your sister and part of this family but that is just as true no matter where she lives.
I was honest with the kids that both Sheila and Bio Dad are complying with the case plan (although Dad missed a visit this week). And I promised we would keep building relationships so that if she does go home we can still see her. 
Such a a hard thing for my kiddos. And a sad thing that they understand adoption takes years.
Trying to take my own advice and not worry about the future. Whatever will be, will be.

Oh Holy Tantrum

Here we have been cruising along, no major issues. We've had some hiding of pull ups and skid mark underwear but that's pretty standard for the age range 7-9 (I feel). The pull up I found of Sarah's on Saturday, stuffed in the bin in the closet, prompted a repeat of the family therapy discussion we had about embarrassing stuff (bed wetting) being more embarrassing when we hid the evidence and Mom finds it anyway (because she always does).
I very calmly said that she needed to find any others that were in the room and throw them out. That any found after that day would be treated as new and the consequences would be going back to sheets (meaning she needs to strip the bed and put them in the washer) and writing sentences and no TV. (We've been escalating the consequences over the past few weeks.)
Monday night we shared the news that we have an adoption court date with the kids. The kids cheered! Everyone seemed excited.
You know where this is going, right? Anyone want to g…

Someone Check the Calendar.

When the letter for Solana's ACR came I noticed it fell during one of her visits.  So I waited a few weeks. No one called to reschedule.  So last week I called Caseworker #4 and asked if 1) anyone noticed 2) if the visit would be re-scheduled.

I'm going to jump up on my soap box for a minute here.  I think visits should get re-scheduled for case related events like ACR and court, but only if the Bio calls in advance to do so.  If you are going to be parenting children, you have to be able to look at a calendar and figure out where there might be conflicts.  Now we all forget some times, but I don't think it should be given that a visit, if missed for court or an ACR, should not count as missed simply because it is case related. I think it does the bios a disservice by allowing for any instances where they aren't required to be aware and plan ahead. Jumping off now...

He told me he would call the transport service and the parent with the visit. But no, no one but me had…

I have a confession

I am not the Pinterest Mom I wish I had time to be. I've not puréed baby food. I've not warmed a bottle that wasn't in the refrigerator first. We didn't dye Easter eggs. Our Valentines were store bought. And tonight as I was feeding the baby her prepackaged peach purée, I decided that was totally okay. 
As the Mom I always hoped to be, I'm a total failure. I'm notoriously late with the tooth fairy payments and this past week I told the one kiddo that maybe the tooth fairy didn't come because she knew she was going to have 4 cavities. Fun snacks of ant on a log- ha! Go get some carrots and put them in a ziplock because I have no idea where the lid is to the reusable container.
And while my kids do tolerate the dressing alike (for now), none of those outfits were hand made. And while I've thrown together some decent felt costumes, none of my children have the memory quilts I planned to make them (in my head). 
And you know what? Also totally okay. Because I&…