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Saturday, March 31, 2012

When Pigs Fly

Its amazing. Pigs flew this week.  I did something I said I would NEVER do.  Buy a minivan.  Yep.  I always thought minivans were uncool. I saw myself as an SUV Mom. Sporty. Cute. Compact. I especially didn't see myself driving a minivan at 30. I also never saw myself agreeing to drive to Disney World with 4 kids in tow. And yet somehow this week as we were discussing the drive to Disney World and how nice it would be to have a minivan and a DVD player we found ourselves seriously considering and then buying a minivan. 

Then something even MORE amazing happened.  The kids caseworker called me and told me she was cancelling the visit this weekend for LM and Gabby since JB has not yet had her family therapy session with Mom and she didn't want her behaviors to be worse because she was going to be left behind. Which means she actually listened to us on Monday when we told her excluding JB was a mistake and made life around here fairly miserable. I about fell over. One can only hope that this was a turner corned as with visits starting up next Saturday we've already begun to see the anxiety and fear start to let us know they've returned. Of course its mainly in the form of selective listening and attitude.  I've told attitude it can leave several times today. 

The first was while Gabby and JB were sitting in the new back seat waiting for me to turn the DVD player on and leave the garage.  The bickering got to me so I made everyone get out of the car.  Then I sat it in by myself a minute.  Then I got out.  Told them that there was no attitude allowed in the car. It was a new car. I only wanted to see happy faces, smiling, and to hear giggling.  And that we were going to get in and out of the car as many times as it took in order to get that result.  Then I got silly and introduced them to the new car.  I got giggles and smiles.  Even a happy dance from JB who had the biggest pout.  And then I didn't hear a peep from them.

Gabby is having an especially rough time.  She's been tattling at every opportunity. She's been quiet when not tattling.  In short her spark has disappeared.  Its really hard to watch.

JB has thrown a few tantrums in the last week. Which is always draining.  They have been somewhat short in duration and she's actually put herself in time out or chill time without being told.

Mr. Mohawk is having wetting accidents.  And he's doing the thing his sister does and mumbles when he's in trouble it is sooo annoying.  But he's been asking for food and we haven't caught him sneaking anything since Monday morning when Hubby found him in the bathroom eating a candy cane.  (I have no idea where he found the candy cane.  Probably the same place all my pencils go to.)

LM has been telling me several times a day that I'm the best Mom ever.  And to be honest it makes me uncomfortable.  Not because I don't want to hear it but because I'm afraid she's going to feel guilty for saying it and then take it out on me.  She even suggested I get a new license plate that says #1 Mom.  This made me sad. Mainly because I wondered what would happen if they went home and this was still my car and my license plate.  Would I think of it as a happy thing? I haven't really thought about them going home recently and it caught me off guard.  This happy little bubble where this was just our life and not some temporary arrangement burst. Then Hubby pointed out she probably wouldn't think the license plate was that great when she was 16 and driving around with it.

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