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Saturday, March 24, 2012


The anxiety was building last night. We sat down to eat really late. Hubby worked late all week and the kids missed him so instead of coming home right away with them I took all 4 kids to the craft store with me to kill some time.

They did my favorite thing EVER which was to point out to me all the things they hoped I would buy by showing me how "cute" and "cool" things were.

We got home and heated up some corned beef and cabbage and all sat down with Dad for the first time since Monday. Then their manners began to disappear. Gabby stabbed at her food so that an entire potato rolled onto the floor followed by her carrots. JB dropped her entire sandwich in her lap and ate like a cave woman.

Visits had been on Saturdays. 7 weeks ago was their last visit. The judge ordered visits reinstated. They are to have a family therapy session prior. LM and Gabby were told Tuesday night that they would have this session on Wednesday. (I was not informed by the case worker. And hit my breaking point with her. Pulled up the Foster Parent Rights and highlight all the ones I think she has trampled on. Then had a series of emails exchanged with her supervisor laying out all the reasons her failure to communicate and include us are ultimately hurting the kids and their mother.) JB was not included.

And like me, the kids were wondering if Saturday was going bring an unannounced visit. Because we of course are the afterthought in this case. And after the final exasperated "oh my gosh!" from JB I told the kids enough. Enough. We get it. We know you are nervous. There is no plan to see your Mom tomorrow. So everyone needs to relax. And if you need to have some extra time with Mom or Dad let us know with words. And I watched as Gabby relaxed her body language. LM sat up straighter and JB started crying.

She asked really good questions about why she's been left behind. And then magically I had my sweet kids back. LM even came and talked to me and told me she was feeling ignored because JB was trying so hard to get my attention since the therapy session. It was a great talk and I pointed out to her how far she has come! She fell asleep on the couch next to my husband. It was pretty heart warming.

Apparently there was no visit today. My plan is to head to work, get my hair done and spend some time alone because I need it. I've had a full week of all Mommy all day and I need to recharge my batteries. I spent some time this morning reading funny stuff on Pintrest (my link is on the left) and watching House.

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