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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A diversion of sorts

We had our monthly meeting with our caseworker and one of the therapists is here so I'm sure I will have more foster care centered posts to come.

But I thought tonight maybe I would venture off topic a bit. Something has been bugging me even though I know it shouldn't. Even more silly it's because of something I read on Facebook.

Now I love Facebook. I have family and friends cross country who I've been able to stay in touch with because of Facebook. But I can't stand the drama. Cryptic messages which scream "ask me what's wrong" or pot shots at people disguised with a generality. I'm all for venting at times or asking for prayers or support but not every post. Not all negative. Generally, I unfriend those people.

But what happens when Un-friending that person is going to cause MORE drama?

So instead of taking to Facebook and posting my own cryptic comments about keeping private stuff private I decided to take to my blog an give everyone an opportunity to safely tell their Facebook drama queens what they are thinking. So please I invite you to leave a comment, cryptic, direct, whatever so that you can keep your life drama free- or as drama free as foster care and trauma parenting can be...ok less drama filled.

I'll go first:
Ok. Enough already. No one cares, we are sick of hearing about it. You think you are this person who reciprocates support and concern but you've really been a sh*tty friend since I became a Mom and I can no longer read these posts without rolling my eyes. I have news for you if a mirror was held up the reflection you give out is exactly what you are complaining about. And if you don't want input or questions about here's a tip- STOP posting on Facebook. I no
Longer refuse to feed into the drama or participate in your chaos. It's a shame because really you are losing out on some really cool people in your life. All that said, I pray you find the happiness you seek.

Ok Go-

1 comment:

  1. Please quit posting every political thought that comes into your brain. I am tired of logging on to FB (which I generally love) and seeing my whole news feed full of your random and seriously judgmental political posts. I'm serious, 17 posts in 17 minutes is enough already! I don't think Facebook should be used as a platform from which you tempt all of your FB friends to argue nastily about politics!

    (Ah, that felt good, thanks!)