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Saturday, March 30, 2013


So of course we got no action from our email. So I sent another. In it, I officially gave our notice. I knew that would get the reaction I wanted. The kids would be moved home. No one wants to see them go to another foster home. The judge will have almost no choice but to return custody. We hit our limit of what we were willing to accept and being the doormat was no longer the option.

I also tried to get it across to the caseworker that had she included us in the decision making, especially the decisions that directly affected our lives, we would have been willing participants. So because they went back to the original plan, we were going back to the original plan. But of course this week and next major players in the case are on vacation. Which led a very panicked CASA worker to call Wednesday. Because the date we gave is before we'll be able to get back into court. She assured me the caseworker was doing her job- and better than most to accommodate our request. Then she asked us to consider a different date.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE: This was not a request.

You didn't take me seriously when I said we weren't going to be treated like the hired help. This is our life. We get a choice. And while I have done everything to get you to understand our perspective, while also doing what was right for the kids, you didn't listen and didn't understand that I wasn't kidding.

So then the caseworker called (after I told CASA that I appreciated her concern the issue was DCFS and they should have called, seriously maybe 20 minutes later I got the call). Again she started with the request non-sense. And I just talked right over her. Reminded her that we've had this conversation over and over in the past two years and I was done.

I know not dragging the kids back and forth is the right thing for the kids. I feel peaceful about it and even more resolved in forcing the case in a direction. A text from Gabby on Thursday confirmed that they are just fine. They need to keep going. Do I believe long term they will be just fine? No. But only time can give us that answer.
We'll give them one more week. Then take a break to work on us.


  1. I don't know how to phrase this...nothing sounds quite right when I type it.
    I'm proud of you though. Don't know you IRL...but I think you're making the best decision and I think it's awesome that you're sticking up for yourselves like this!
    I think it's perfectly awful that you got backed in to this corner. I sooooooo know what it's like to be treated like a glorified babysitter. It sucks!
    I hope you're able to make it through the rest of the transition and that you're able to heal quickly on the other side.
    God bless you!!!