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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Waste of Time

In the months that we had no children living with us, I did not use my planner once. Not once. Any appointments I had we're easily put in my phone. Why? Because there were hardly any. One universal truth of foster care is that there are tons of appointments. 

Bio Mom Visits
Bio Dad Visits (maybe more than one depending on if there are multiple children)
Case Worker Visits
CASA Worker Visits
Administrative Case Review (ACR)
Family Meetings 

Then you add services such as therapy (possible multiple kinds), school, and doctor visits (well child, dental, vision). And that's if no one is sick. Fortunately, we don't have to transport to everything (although I believe it's unacceptable to use transport to medical and therapy visits).  

Needless to say, I've been faithfully been carrying my MomAgenda everywhere again. (This is not a sponsored post. I love this planner and while the initial purchase might be pricey, the refills are reasonable.)

Our full schedule had been shaken up with visit day changes and we have to add therapy in to the mix. 

Willow found a place close by that takes the medical card. So we go. Sarah and Stella and I meet with the therapist. I vacillated between not likening her at all and appreciating her ability to connect with the girls. I stood up for myself when my comfort level about the questions she was asking in front of the kids was on red alert. And then she explained confidentiality to the kids and stated that if a judge required her to, she would have to share their secrets. She then looked at me and said,"which I always encourage parents to leave me out of because then your child will never trust another therapist again".

Um, big problem here lady. This is an active foster care case. Reports to the judge are required. I need your documentation to help get these kids permanency. Turns out the office doesn't take active foster care cases due to the "burdensome reporting". 

It's not Willow's fault. She said who she was when she called. The intake coordinator didn't know. But I've been waiting weeks to get in to this office and now it's back to square one. 

I'm hoping this works in my favor. The judge is not going to be happy at the permanency hearing if the case plan states therapy is a service and the kids have no therapist. My traveling therapists are willing to come back but DCFS won't approve the travel. They my have to make an exception if another provider isn't located.

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