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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sheila texted me both on Saturday and Sunday. I ignored Saturday's text wondering how we were. Sunday she wanted to know if we were going to court. I told her we hadn't decided, she then texted back she intends to sign even if bio Dad isn't there. 

I ignored it. It's bait. She wants to engage and feel better and it's petty- but I want no part of that. I'm still angry. I don't want her to sign. I want them to TPR and save this baby from a life of trauma. She's already posting stuff about how she is going to do everything she needs because she is all this baby has.

Yeah, I've heard that before. You scroll down on Facebook far enough and you'll find that about her other 4 kids. But let's also not forget the other 2 she has abandoned. And it twists my stomach and it makes me want to call the other foster Mom and warn her not to get sucked in. I'm pretty sure she is sending her pictures of the baby and it really annoys me.

It has no right to. I fell for the same thing at the beginning and then ended up on the receiving end of the manipulation and dealing with the broken hearts of her kids. It was very easy for me to believe that the other foster mom was the problem because she was so difficult for us to work with. I can only imagine that I'm now being made out to be the evil foster mom in this scenario...I seriously hope the baby is with a more seasoned family and not a new family because this situation has all the makings of a heart wrenching ending. It makes me salty and I don't like that.

I'm also seriously annoyed that she gets to just keep popping up with text messages. I don't want to think about you. You occupy enough of my mind and I'm trying to hold my shit together after some seriously stressful weeks. Which is made harder by the fact that our children are trying to do the same and they haven't been as successful. Friday night Sarah sobbed for 20 minutes because she doesn't want to be adopted- rather, she feels she needs to say that in case it doesn't happen and then she doesn't have to feel bad about it.

Tonight all four of them lied about letting crickets out of a cage. We are pet sitting a lizard and a cricket got out. Of corse they wanted me to believe that somehow the cricket escaped his plastic cage to magically be sitting on top of it.  (Our good friends 'I Don't know', 'It wasn't  me', and 'Nobody' stopped by. They are my favorite house guests.) 

The lying is super annoying. And when they do it in solidarity even more so. I figured I had a few years before they figured out if no one says anything they can't get in trouble.

Perhaps more exhausting is that this is just the next step. After she signs (I'm not holding my breath) we get- more waiting! 

Yeah! The fun doesn't stop. 

1 comment:

  1. I hate the text messages too. The make me crazy.